Photographers in Dickinson County Iowa, Spirt Lake, Okoboji & The Iowa Great lake Region

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Portrait and Family Photographer serving The Iowa Great Lakes Region

including Northwest Iowa areas of Spirit Lake and Okoboji in Dickinson County and Southern Minnesota area of Jackson County.

Our favorite style is Environmental Portraiture. This style of photography has an emphasis on location and uses traditional posing techniques. Environmental portraiture relies on traditional posing techniques unlike lifestyle photography that takes you doing what you do naturally.  Thoughtful posing in a casual or formal style will produce a natural looking image with the structure and compositional elements that we really appreciate in the old style studio portraits. It's not as stiff as you think. It's the people in the photo that make the difference. Candid expressions and gestures naturally occur and that's the magic emphasized within a good composition. This type of portrait photography also usually takes place in a location that means something to the purpose of the image. The location could be your home or any memorable place such as a vacation spot, old homestead, favorite viewpoint, school football field or an exciting night spot. It could be that perfectly posed family portrait taken on the front porch of the lake cabin.The pose, lighting, person, and background all work together in environmental portraiture.

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