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About 147th Street Studio

Where is 147th St. Anyway?

147th Street Studio is in Montgomery Iowa, a rural small town setting minutes from Spirit Lake, Okoboji and the Iowa Great Lakes. Gravel roads lined with trees, old buildings, barns and fences, fields and wild flowers provide a comfortable setting and exceptional backgrounds for photos. All the bustling activity and spectacular views of the Iowa Great Lakes are short moments away. The modest but well equipped indoor studio at this rural location provides the means to offer fair rates and a better product to our clients and new friends.  There is no main street downtown location. We can do the same things here and the schedule doesn't have to be full to pay the rent.  It's really quite wonderful. The concentration here is on great photos, especially those with people in them!  Sessions here are by appointment only. Many sessions are away from the studio or on evenings and weekends. The little 147th Street Studio is not heavily advertised, but it's no great secret either. If 147th Street images speak to what you think photography should be,  you will find your way here.  Oh, and if you need any help with that, here's the Google Map !

Who Is That Lady With A Camera And Where Did She Come From?

Hi! I'm Klare. I'm the owner and operator of 147th Street Studio. When you send an e-mail or call on the phone you'll speak directly to me. My face will be behind the camera during any session you book at 147th Street Studio.  Born in Sioux Falls, I traveled around quite a little. In 1998 my family and I settled in the Spirit Lake area. With an education in Advertising and Graphic Arts I am well-skilled in the use of related applications. I am especially fond of the editing process, so I will also be doing all of your image editing right here.

I can usually be reached by phone anytime I'm not in a session 712-330-6389.  To contact me by email click the "SAY HELLO" link. It's the last item on the site menu.

A Little History  (if you really want to know)

I have always enjoyed turning the things I see into art.  Creating a three dimensional vision on a flat surface to keep and hold has been a challenge I have pursued unquestionably.  When as a young child my mother showed me how to draw simple faces with irregular lines. I was intrigued with her skill. With practice, I was able to use a pencil to achieve something similar to her amazingly, simple and marvelous drawings. It made me really happy.  All through the grades and into high school I practiced and was recognized for my skill in turning simple life scenes into drawings.  When creating designs for school promotional materials, I was encouraged to go in a more commercial direction.  After all, no one could think it would really be practical to make a living painting pictures. Pursuing an education in commercial art, I absorbed so much information. The science of art appealed to me greatly. Who new art was so much math and science?

KBH_6598 portait small

Already having a mild introduction to cameras, at this time I found a new interest in them through a like-minded soul. I learned so much about this great medium when I met a man greatly interested in photography as art.  We spent time together shooting and darkroom processing (film was still the way most people took photos).  We were married and moved east to further our studies. So many new friends interested in the creation process! It was a great time. Learning new tools and mediums all the time, I did still prefer the more tedious long learned methods of painting and drawing that were familiar to me. I used the camera mostly as a tool to bring ideas back to my easel, but I was getting fairly proficient with the science of the whole camera thing. Well, that was all a long time ago. We have long since changed our ways. Advertising and visual graphics done on a drafting tables turned into varying media advertising done on computers. All that film camera and darkroom stuff turned to digital.  Isn't funny where we are led when we follow a passion? Now I love spending time fine tuning some pretty good photos into something better. Now I use the paintbrushes on my MAC.  It's really not too far from where I started and I still enjoy it all so much. Though all this I have also discovered that I do prefer doing portraits over anything else. Painting and drawing them was difficult back in the day, but so rewarding when accomplishing a good likeness. I do like nature and landscape photography, but my attention returns to the human face every time.  I like capturing real people, their attitudes and the special qualities of their smiles and the light in their eyes. To keep these things in an image that holds them in the day they live in now.  I like the possibility of taking that mechanically produced camera image and making it brighter, softer, stronger, more colorful…more like our eyes really see each other.    What a wonderful thing!

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The Protocol

As always, a pre-session interview is a good idea. You have ideas to share and you may also want to meet your photographer.

If you really don't have the time for that, it's a short session, or you are traveling from out of town, it will be okay to just schedule a session.

You can ask questions via e-mail.  To send one click on the "SAY HELLO" link on the main menu. It's the last item on the main menu.

You can also call me. 712 330-6389  I am usually available when not photographing a session.

Sessions are by appointment only. Portrait sessions fees will be paid at the time of the session. For weddings and large events a deposit will be required to hold your session date and balances must be paid in full prior to the event.

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