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Portrait and Family Photographer serving The Iowa Great Lakes Region

including Northwest Iowa areas of Spirit Lake and Okoboji in Dickinson County and Southern Minnesota area of Jackson County.

About 147th Street Studio

Old Barn in Montgomery

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Our favorite Style is Environmental Portraiture

This style of photography is portraits of people using traditional posing techniques with an emphasis on location. Environmental portraiture relies on traditional posing techniques unlike lifestyle photography that takes you doing what you do naturally.  Thoughtful posing in a casual or formal style will produce a natural looking image with the structure and compositional elements that we really appreciate in the old style studio portraits. It's not as stiff as you think. It's the people in the photo that make the difference. Candid expressions and gestures naturally occur and that's the magic emphasized within a good composition. This type of portrait photography (like lifestyle photography) also usually takes place in a location that means something to the purpose of the image. The location could be your home or any memorable place such as a vacation spot, old homestead, favorite viewpoint, school football field or an exciting night spot. It could be that perfectly posed family portrait taken on the front porch of the lake cabin.The pose, lighting, person, and background all work together in environmental portraiture.

Why We Do It This Way

We provide a service that always includes editing. Basic color and contrast correction, and cosmetic editing are a part of that service. We do this because your images are the best representation of our work and although cameras are becoming better all the time, they still can't see things exactly the way we do. A camera is  just not as sophisticated as the human eye. It won't see the range of contrast or color that we do. Luckily, cameras are  just one tool available to create a great image. Technical skill with good editing tools and thoughtful review of each image are some of the reasons you like 147th Street Studio images. We choose to apply editing to the best advantage of each image taking the the level of unrealistic or special effect only when it can be applied for some specific advantage or by your request. Your trust in our work is important to our success. The images presented to you will have been reviewed and edited. You are always welcome to request more detailed editing or special effects.

Where is 147th St. Anyway?

147th Street Studio is in Montgomery Iowa, a rural small town setting minutes from Spirit Lake, Okoboji and the Iowa Great Lakes. Gravel roads lined with trees, old buildings, barns and fences, fields and wild flowers provide a comfortable setting and exceptional backgrounds for photos. All the bustling activity and spectacular views of the Iowa Great Lakes are short moments away. The modest indoor studio has been converted to an editing studio due to more interest in outdoor and on site shooting requests, but we can still take some outdoor photos here.  Well, it's all about devoting ourselves to a better product for our clients and new friends.  There is still no main street downtown location. We can do the same things here or wherever we go.  The concentration is on great photos, especially those with people in them!  Sessions are by appointment. Most sessions are away from the studio and many on evenings and weekends. The little 147th Street Studio is not heavily advertised, but it's no great secret either. If 147th Street images speak to you,  you will find your way here.  Oh, and if you need any help with that, here's the Google Map !

Who Is That Lady With A Camera ?

Hi! I'm Klare. I'm the owner and operator of 147th Street Studio. When you contact 147th Street Studio you'll speak directly to me. My face will be behind the camera during any session you book.  Born in Sioux Falls, I traveled around quite a little. In 1998 my family and I settled in the Spirit Lake area. With an education in Advertising and Graphic Arts. I am well-skilled in the use of related applications. I am especially fond of the editing process, so I will also be doing all of your image editing right here.

I can usually be reached by phone anytime I'm not in a session. Don't be afraid to leave a text message. I won't lose your questions or that way!  To contact me click the "SAY HELLO" link. It's the last item on the site menu.

A Little History  (if you really want to know)

I have always enjoyed turning the things I see into art.  Creating a three dimensional vision on a flat surface to keep and hold has been a challenge I have pursued from childhood. I practiced for hours to imitate my mom's simple and marvelous doodles. It made me really happy. I was privileged to create for high school promotional materials.  My favorite artist at the time was Renascence Painter Michelangelo.  While in college In the late seventies, I owned my first 35mm SLR. Working in Sioux Falls South Dakota as Art Director for a small advertising agency, I did paste ups with wax on a drafting table and had to order my type from a type agency.  My favorite artist at that time was the famous Illustrator Norman Rockwell. That's about the time the big agencies where starting to use computers! Soon all that was film camera and darkroom stuff turned to digital.  Isn't funny where we are led when we follow a passion? I moved to Spirit Lake in 1998 and in 2008 started my own photo studio.  I follow lots of artists and photographers now, but I would have to say American portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz is a definite favorite. Now I love spending time fine tuning some pretty good photos into something better. Now I use the paintbrush tools on my own MAC.  It's really not too far from where I started ...and it still makes me happy.

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