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Portrait and Family Photographer serving The Iowa Great Lakes Region

including Northwest Iowa areas of Spirit Lake and Okoboji in Dickinson County and Southern Minnesota area of Jackson County.

Questions & Answers about 147th Street Studio Children & Family Portraits

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Our fee is based on a calculated hourly rate that always includes editing. Basic color and contrast correction, and cosmetic editing are a part of the service.

We do this because your images are the best representation of our work and although cameras are becoming better all the time, they still can't see things exactly the way we do. A camera is  just not as sophisticated as the human eye. It won't see the range of contrast or color that we do. Luckily, cameras are  just one tool available to create a great image. Technical skill with good editing tools and thoughtful review of each image are some of the reasons you like 147th Street Studio images. We choose to apply editing to the best advantage of each image taking the the level of unrealistic or special effect only when it can be applied for some specific advantage or by your request. Your trust in our work is important to our success. The images presented to you will have been reviewed and edited. You are always welcome to request more detailed editing or special effects.

"What Will It Cost?"

THE ANSWER IS "What pictures do you want…and how can we do them?"

If you want more and better...We do "Bells and Whistles" fairly well.  ...tell us what your thinking. If budget is your first concern, again...tell us that.We'll let you know if we can get what you want from a shorter session. 


Session Fee with Digital Files and Copyright Release……………………………………..$200 per Hour

Custom albums and photo books are available as an add on and are priced based on the size, style of cover and number of pages.

How Long Of A Session Do I Need & How Many Pictures Will I Get?

There is no set number of images you'll receive per each hour session. Just keep in mind that good things take an appropriate amount of time.   Thirty good shots is a fairly consistent result for a one hour session.  Some of these, of course, could be variations of the same pose.

Some things that make a real difference in how many good shots you'll get per hour are:

1. Ease in front of the camera

Are you really shy or nervous? How much will it take to get genuine expression and a casual pose?  Relax...It'll be fun!  You'll be enjoying it sooner than you might think.

2. Difficulty level of what we are trying to accomplish.

 Lighting like sunsets, back-lighting like big sky over the lake always take more time to get the shot right. There are also other locations that require special lighting. You'll surely need to add some time for these. Be confident though. If you want those kinds of shots, we can make it happen.

3. Are You planning a change of outfits?

Keeping outfits and changes simple helps.  You'll have to sacrifice the shooting time for getting changed.  The clock will still be running. Be prepared... your location may not have a dressing room or mirror.  plan ahead carefully to save some time here.  Layering and using accessories like hats and jackets makes for easier changes.

4. Location or Locations

Silly, but it's true…. If you your locations are close to each other it saves time.  Your session time charged will start at the beginning of your shoot and continue though to the end of your session without stopping for travel time. If you want shots in all your favorite places we can plan for that. Locations with multiple shooting choices can make more sense and most locations do have multiple options. If you need suggestions, I know some  good locations. 

5. How many subjects are in your shot?

This can be a big one.  More people means more time to get everyone settled. Young children and even teenagers may need more time.  Your dog is great too, but it might take just a little longer for him to get the idea that he's suppose to be smiling.

What About The Weather?

Outdoor sessions can often be affected by weather conditions. We know that's not your choice, so we are prepared to schedule around an unexpected shower or a day that is too windy. The concentration here is on getting great shots. If your schedule permits, we will wait for the better light or let the wind go down. If necessary we'll reschedule. We can, and do, adjust our schedule to give you the best conditions reasonably possible for your session.

When Will I Get My Photos?

After your session I will take some time to edit your photos. Turn around times change with busy times of the season (mid to late summer is the busiest time) and special editing requests take a little longer. It usually it takes a couple weeks to make the magic happen. After the editing process your images will be uploaded to a private pass-worded gallery on this site.  I'll contact you when they are ready. Given the password you could show these to anyone you like. I would suggest you be patient and review the images for any needed changes. Sometimes I just don't see the things that would bother you. You might want some subtle cosmetic changes or it could be something in the background that's just not right to you.  Unless these requests are very time consuming they will be at no additional charge. Never be afraid to ask about editing. It's truly amazing the things that can be edited on an image.  Your approval of the images will lead to the final step. You will receive a download link to take your final images home.

If you would just like to know a little more before you make contact click on the menu link "ABOUT 147TH STREET STUDIO".

The Way to Get Started Is To Contact 147th Street Studio

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