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We Do, Simple & True / Engagement & Wedding Photography in the Iowa Great Lakes Region

Each Couple has their unique and emerging style. Thoughts on how they want the wedding day reflect this style and become plans.  Personal style is also reflected in the memories the couple chooses to keep. You may want a photographer that understands the unique atmosphere you are planning. One who can keep it simple for you...and true to your plans. Wedding and engagement services start where your ideas do. Share some of your ideas, so we can bring them together in the best wedding images for you …there is never a charge for an exchange of ideas.   

Here is our simplest basic wedding …Just to give you a starting point.   SWEET & SIMPLE  by 147th Street Studio

Interested in more? Here we can customize services you'll really like!   TRULY "SWEET" WEDDINGS by 147th Street Studio

Of course we do Engagements too!  If you would like more information on any of our wedding or engagement services, send us some information by using the link below.


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Wedding Photography ~ 51355 Okoboji Iowa Wedding ~ Good News Community Church